Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva has presented at Quester’s conferences three times in the past seventeen years. Each presentation was different.

Three books relate to the three conferences:

1/Secrets in the Fields

2/Divine Blueprint

3/The Missing Lands


1/Freddy in the Executive Hotel in Harrison Hot Springs presented a slide show of crop circles he visited in and around Wiltshire and surrounding area. He speculated on how they were created and their meanings. He discussed their proximity to Stonehenge and other megalithic sites. His theories rely on what he has discovered dowsing plus psychic impressions received from the Circle Makers themselves. The book has a surprise ending.

2/Freddy Silva again presented a slide show but this time from sacred sites around the world. He used a computer presentation to show how the sites were linked geodetically theorizing that the grid was set up during Atlantean times. What was remarkable is that the Egyptian, Mayan, Polynesian, Azores, Incan and European sacred sites are still precisely on the grid despite continental drift. The use of pyramids and sacred geometry by all the regions of the world points to a unifying code.

3/Freddy did a group exercise in forming a sacred space in the conference room. He had created a thought form temple with his pendulum before everyone arrived and asked everyone to dowse the nature of the temple. Amazingly many could dowse invisible walls and rooms and ersatz water flows under the invisible temple contributing to its energy. By the end of the class Questers were standing in lines defining the temporary temple. Then Freddy asked us together to clear the space with our pendulums and bring the room back to the way it was before he set up the exercise. Then we cleared the room and hotel again to facilitate the needs of the remaining presenters.

Much of Freddy’s work parallels Graham Hancock’s research. Freddy has slightly different theories than Graham, but they work well together. Freddy is more mystical and uses dowsing to reveal underlying truths.