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John Living

John Living

John Living learned dowsing on a soccer pitch while training in the British Armed Forces over 60 years ago. It was a brief session including other trainees but John got it. He did not tell us in the beginner’s dowsing course why the British Forces were using dowsing but I saw a TV program years ago were a man in uniform was using L-rods to find land mines in Africa. During WWII a dowser working for the US Navy in Hawaii was able to map dowse all the submarine locations. The Admirals were shocked. I can imagine that dowser had two marines accompany him wherever he went. John never added how he used dowsing while in uniform.

John set up the Holistic Intuition Society and for many years taught dowsing in BC and Alberta. The HIS videos and literature are now part of Questers and available through Tyhson Banighen and Serah Roer John had his HIS conferences at the Alberta Agricultural College in Olds Alberta a tradition that has continued with the Spring Questers Conferences.

John is a professional engineer and his mental processes are precise. He asks logical questions while dowsing which is of great assistance. When dowsing simple unambiguous questions need to be asked in order to get clear YES or NO answers. Following his intuition he has come to many discoveries which are not part of the societal norms. He has pushed against the mental shackles keeping people from exploring the world we live in.


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