My Soul Deserves Peace


As we come up to the Blue Moon on January 31 2018, several things spring to mind that we need to be aware of.

  1. Blue – The color blue is about truth.  This Blue Moon will shine on truth for several months.  If you have a secret that is burning to be told, now may be the time to bring it forth.  Truth in many things will come out.  The risk is that the truth may be something that we do not want to hear.
  2. Forgiveness –  The only way forward for healing is by forgiveness.  This is part of the light that will be in the full moon – the light of forgiveness.  And it will be a light that heals the forgiver, not so much those that need forgiving.  But, as mentioned earlier, truth has to prevail.
  3. Strength – This full moon is shining strength on the Earth.  We need physical strength, moral strength, and spiritual strength.  All humans need some light (and spiritual light) physical exercise to keep the body balanced with the Earth as the magnetic fields of the Earth go through changes.  Walking, lifting light weights, and swimming will help to counter the feelings of dizziness and being unbalanced.  Taking long, deep breaths throughout the day will also help to keep the feeling of being off-center, at a distance. 
  4. Compassion – Don’t be surprised  if you feel unusual compassion around some scenario that is taking place.  You may feel especially emotional about activities that are happening further away then closer to home.  This is the connectivity that is binding around the Earth to help humans understand that all are connected.
  5. Peace – For those that have cleared most of their physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages, this Moon – this Super Moon – will bring in a feeling of sweet peace.  It will be like the feeling that all is well and that nothing can now disrupt that feeling.  You will be in a place that helps you to see how irrelevant most of what we value is to the greater plan of the Universe.

Go in peace.



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