Talking About Haunted Places in Alberta and British Columbia

Talking About Haunted Places in Alberta and British Columbia


Have you registered for the PARACON – Quester’s Fall Conference – at 100 Mile House BC?  One of the attractions at the conference is focusing around ghost hunters and a ghost walk. 

I began wondering if there were other locations in Canada that had well known, haunted sites.  I found a great website called Haunted Places (  This site focuses mainly on US haunted sites.  However, I started plugging in cities in Canada and I found listings for different cities. The information below comes from the Haunted Places site. 

When you go to the site to find more sites and the addresses for the various locations, be aware that you need click on the tab for REGION, and choose CANADA and then the province that you want to check out.  When you expand the haunted event, you can pull up information on street address and hours available if it is a public place.

The City of Calgary

While I knew that we had lots of haunted sites in Calgary, I was stunned by the number of sites and the diversity of the legends.

Calgary StampedeLegend has it that the famous Calgary Stampede is haunted by a construction worker who was killed when he fell into wet concrete while the grandstand was being built. Folks have heard footsteps at night, seen doors close by themselves, and noticed water and electricity coming on when no one is around.

Fairmont Palliser HotelThe 1914 Fairmont Palliser Hotel, Calgary’s oldest, is home to some ghosts, as guests have reported after seeing spectral figures walking in the hallways.

Bow Valley Ranche RestaurantBow Valley Ranche Restaurant was built over a century ago and is haunted. The ghost is believed to be Charlie Yuen, a former chef who perished in a car accident in 1938, and whose dying wish was to be buried near the restaurant where he had been employed all his life. Although he was buried in China, his ghost has been seen in the private dining room. Lights and the stereo have been known to come on by themselves as well.

Mark’s Work Warehouse – At this department store chain Mark’s Work Wearhouse location, staff members have reported shadows in the store and in empty dressing rooms, heard footsteps, smelled a wet-dog smell, and felt cold chills. Objects have been moved or tossed, and all these event usually occur before the store opens or after it closes.

Deane House – This is the first Canadian residence added to the website, and is also believed to be one of the most haunted. While the historic building was a boarding house, it was the scene of many murders. The apparition of a ghostly man who was gunned down on the front porch has been seen by visitors., as well as a man missing his legs in a hallway on the ground floor of the building. In Mr Deane’s study, the apparition of a gentleman in period clothing has been seen smoking a cigar. Ghostly laughter is heard, cold spots are felt and a piano in a room on the second floor plays by itself. A female guest to the house recently partook in a murder mystery recreational activity, and in the basement saw he apparition of a native American Indian man, who screamed at her till she fled. Paranormal investigators have discovered that the house was also built over a sacred burial ground.

My own experience at Deane House was similar to the description above.  The social club at the company that I worked for at the time, booked dinner and a murder mystery evening at Deane House for the staff and spouses.  We had some free time between courses to explore the house.  When two of us went to the basement to see the wine storage, we were spooked by the sounds of drums and voices, and the smell of smoke.

Vancouver and Victoria and Area

There are an amazing number of haunted sites listed on the website for British Columbia.  Check them out!  After the conference, we will be able to add 100 Mile House and area.

Helmcken House- Victoria – Helmcken House was the home of Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken, first speaker of an elected assembly in BC, who lived there from 1853 to 1920. Cecelia Helmcken is suspected to be the ghost who haunts it; ghostly piano playing is heard along with occasional pranks.

Washington Avenue Grill in Whiterock – Two ghosts are said to visit Washington Avenue Grill: one, a young woman who died in a car accident in front of the establishment, and two, her beau, who committed suicide out of grief upon losing her. It is said that the woman’s ghost comes out of the cemetery next door and walks through the restaurant, and the man’s ghost is known for touching customers and workers. The site was featured on the show Creepy Canada.

Central Park in Burnaby – Ghostly activity in Central Park in Burnaby includes that of a little boy near the lake and a young lady near Swangard Stadium who searches for her lost children. The boy disappears upon being noticed, and the 1930s-era lady may speak garbled words. Other spirits have been seen in the forest.

Old Spaghetti Warehouse-Vancouver – The ghost of a train conductor visits the Old Spaghetti Factory Italian restaurant, according to local legend. He is said to have perished in an underground railway accident decades ago involving the very trolley car that’s on display in the restaurant.

There are so many haunted sites, I could go on and on – about sites in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec.  And, I know that there are many sites to be added.  If you read the sites and have an experience to share, then, provide the experience to Haunted Places and they will share your adventure.