A Ghost Walk at 108 Mile House

A Ghost Walk at 108 Mile House



The Canadian Society of Questers has announced that the 2018 Fall Conference will take place at 108 Mile House in beautiful British Columbia. Our long time member, and Chairperson of the 100 Mile House Questers Chapter, Cory Greaves, is sharing a great story with us about the 108 Mile Heritage Museum Charity Ghost Hunt in 100 Mile House. Cory is one of the volunteers that leads groups on the ghost hunts. The museum and buildings in the area have a reputation for being haunted, and Cory’s tale tells the story of the last ghost hunt for 2017. Sound bites (in .m4a format) of the voices picked up are included in the article. Please double click on the icon to play.

If you are planning on attending the 2018 Fall Conference, you will want to read this carefully, so you are prepared for the excitement and energy of a visit to the museum and a ghost hunt.

Thanks, Cory, for sending in this fascinating story!


The Last Charity Ghost Hunt of 2017 at 108 Mile Museum


Dave Scott and his paranormal team have just finished up their last charity ghost hunt for the 2017 season at The 108 Mile Heritage Museum, in British Columbia. It was a very successful year, raising more than $2000 for the 108 Mile Museum, and over $1000 for the 108 Mile Volunteer Fire Department.

Small town Museums are run by volunteers, and any government grants that may be available, so it’s been a great fundraiser for the Museum. Central British Columbia was ravaged by wildfires this summer, which meant the small rural fire departments were stretched to their limits, so being able to give back to them was important to the team.

The ghost team, as well as several of the guests were able to get many good EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and some interesting pictures. The K-2 meters (which measure electrical frequency), were constantly lit up each and every night.

The picture below was taken by a local retired school teacher, who was skeptical about the ghost hunt, but came that night to accompany her friend. As I am part of the ghost team, I can vouch for the authenticity of the picture, as I was the one leading the group in the Clydesdale Barn the evening the picture was taken.




Below are 2 EVP’s, that I believe are of the same woman, on 2 different occasions. On both occasions, she could be heard aloud, it was only when listening back on the voice recorder that she was heard speaking. This first evp was taken August 8th, 2017. In this EVP, at 28 seconds, you can hear her say what sounds like, ” oh, hello, wow”.


This next EVP was taken a few days later on August 19th, 2017. It sounds to be the same woman speaking. She has a very distinct voice. Her voice is at the very start of the recording, only for the first second. She seems to say, “ I am in his….”. When I listen to it, I think she’s saying, “I’m in history now”. The team’s voices are talking at the same time, so it’s difficult to hear her whole sentence. Separating all the different voices will make it easier to hear her more clearly.

There is a local legend of a woman named Agnes McVeigh, who ran the boarding house, and killed many men for their gold on their way to and from the Gold Fields of British Columbia. Maybe we were speaking with Agnes McVeigh those nights?

Voice from November 2017

This clip is in the Clydesdale barn, when Dave asks about a date, an almost robotic voice answers back “I stand corrected” . We could not audibly hear the voice, but the lights on  the K2 meter was lighting up, so that is why Dave says “Perfect, Thank you” .

Later in the audio recording, at 1:23 seconds,  he may be speaking again, but its too muffled to hear.  At 2:46 you can hear the voice answering “yes”  to the question of  “Do you know it was just Remembrance Day here?”

I seem to be able to gets of audio recording at the Heritage Site, which really helps to confirm all of the sounds, feelings, smells, and K2 meter activity that we get.

Updated Information for Ghost Walks in 2018

The first ghost tour of the season is upon us at the beautiful and scenic 108 Mile Heritage Site. And we are looking forward to getting going here to bring the ‘spooky’ back to the Cariboo!

We ask that anyone going dresses appropriately, as it could cool down. Try to arrive around 7:45pm for registration. A friendly reminder, we do not recommend the tour for anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or hallucinogens.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, we take our tour seriously, and we’d love for you to come on out and enjoy a night of history through the stories of the ghosts that remain behind.

Here is a suggested list of Ghost Tour days for 2018.   April 14, May 12, June 9 & 23, July 14 & 28, August 11 & 25, September 8 & 22, October 13 & 27 with the last one on November 10. Please keep in mind that the one scheduled for September 22 may change.



Go in peace.

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