Are These Books On Your Reading List? Feb 2018

imageShaman’s Heart Meditation Training Program

Tools and Practices for Discovering Your Authentic Power, Purpose, and Presence

By: Byron Metcalf (Spoken Word CD)


imageMindfulness on the Go

Simple Meditation Practices You Can Do Anywhere

By: Jan Chozen Bays  Paperback Book

Here’s a beautifully useful collection of mindfulness practices anyone can do anytime—from the author of Mindful Eating.


Writing as a Path to Awakening

A Year to Becoming an Excellent Writer and Living an Awakened Life

By: Albert Flynn DeSilver  Paperback Book

The best writers say their work seems to come from a source beyond the thinking mind. But how do we access that source? “We must first look inside ourselves and be willing to touch that raw emotional core at the heart of a deeper creativity,” writes Albert Flynn DeSilver.

imageDharma of Dogs

Our Best Friends As Spiritual Teachers

By: Tami Simon  Paperback Book

We spend countless hours training our dogs, but how often do we consider what they have to teach us? Our canine companions aren’t just our best friends, explains Tami Simon. They naturally embody many of the spiritual principles we ourselves aspire to.

Bee Time

Lessons from the Hive

By: Mark L Winston  Paperback Book

Being among bees is a full-body experience, Mark Winston writes—from the low hum of tens of thousands of insects and the pungent smell of honey and beeswax, to the sight of workers flying back and forth between flowers and the hive. The experience of an apiary slows our sense of time, heightens our awareness, and inspires awe.


Awakening in the Dream

Contact with the Divine

By: David Wilcock  Hardcover Book

New York Times bestselling author David Wilcock’s next captivating work of nonfiction, exploring new hidden truths about extraterrestrials, channeling your Higher Self, and ascension.