Bird Flight is a Miracle

Bird Flight is a Miracle


In 2004 a man named William Baumgartner taught an In-Home Course based one the works of Walter Russell. William helped financially in the start up of Shuswap Questers and the twelve in the course would become Quester members.

Included in the course were the discoveries of Viktor Schauberger the Austrian Forester. In 1930s Austria, Schauberger saw things few others could see. In the ripples of a stream he saw vortexing water polish rocks smooth. He saw the scales of fish perfectly align with these vortexes and effortlessly hold a fish in position in a swiftly moving river. Schauberger called the energy from the vortex Implosion Energy. Others called it Zero-Point Energy.

He placed a newly broken stone’s fractured face into a mountain stream and saw the rough edge worn smooth in a season. It was assumed river rock is worn round by tumbling against each other over centuries. Clear water does the same job far quicker. The hidden energy in water to sculpt a stone is huge.

Schauberger witnessed a fish at the bottom of a waterfall swimming in rapid circles and then disappear. One morning watching the same disappearing act with sunlight coming through the waterfall he saw a fish flash up through the waterfall. There was an antigravity effect too.

He looked at the feathers of birds and saw a similar ripple vortexing of the ribs and veins of feathers as in the scales of fish. He saw winged insects with the same ribs and veins. Aeronautical engineers flatly state that bees should not be able to fly as the wings are too small for the mass of the bee and the wing beats do not push enough air downward for the bee to helicopter above a flower.

Schauberger saw the vortexes in the feathers imparting an electrical charge to the feathers and the air around the bird. The charge is high enough to partially sever the pull of gravity. This is the same effect T. Townsend Brown would later call Electro gravity.

Watch birds fly. With this new information try to see what part of bird flight is actual angle of attack wing thrusts and what part of flight is hovering electrogravitically. Watching birds fly becomes a wonderous experience.