Book Review: Hidden Energy

Book Review: Hidden Energy by Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich

I first met Jeane Manning in 2006 when she visited William Baumgartner. She was writing a book on Breakthrough Technologies and she had just come from northern Idaho where she had attended a convention hosted by John Bedini on over unity inventions. I later bought a copy of her book. It was the opening up a hidden world of suppressed inventions.

William had started the path to this discovery fifty years earlier when he read Walter Russell and continued the process reading about Viktor Schauberger, Nicola Tesla, John Worrall Keely and many others. Jeane knows the history and and those doing this work today. Jeane has spoken to the Shuswap Questers and in January 2018 to the Central Okanagan Questers in Kelowna.

This book covers over twenty different routes to draw energy from the aether. There are cars running on water in many places around the world. There are magnetic motors/dynamos that put out more power than they draw. There are transformers wired in a different way which continue to emit electricity after they are unplugged. Cold fusion publicized by Pons and Fleishmann from the University of Utah decades ago and immediately attacked is now called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and is being actively researched by a host of Ph.Ds. in many universities and garage laboratories.

Most of the inventions have not received patents from the US Patent office because of national security concerns. The real concerns are that these inventions will do away with our hydrocarbon economy and the moneyed people do not want cheap and free energy from the universe. Their source of money and power would dry up.

Jeane goes into the environmental benefits of not relying on poisonous substances.

At the end of the book Jeane and Susan go into the moral and spiritual benefits of free energy. With these inventions in wide spread use the world would be a far better place.