Orgone Generators: Second Part Fighting Weather Manipulation

Orgone Generators: Second Part Fighting Weather Manipulation

Orgone Generators: Second Part Fighting Weather Manipulation


Summer of 2002


The hundreds of people worldwide who started pouring resin/metal filings to make orgone generators in 1998 followed Don Croft’s recipes and were taught about Wilhelm Reich’s work by Don on the Cloudbusters Forum out of San Francisco and reading the Adventures of Don and Carol Croft on out of Los Angeles. David Cowan had directed me to both sites. The CB Forum is long gone but is still available.

{William Thomas who wrote a book on HAARP and Chemtrails presented much of the same weather manipulation information at the Quester Fall Conferences in 100 Mile House twice between 2003 and 2006.}

Don Croft read all that was available on Reich’s work up to his death in 1956. Two of Reich’s inventions were Orgone Accumulators and Cloudbusters. With Orgone Accumulators Reich was able to heal people. The Accumulators were boxes made of alternating layers of cotton batten and wire wool. Reich was able to get into the box and in total darkness he was able to see glowing blue aether in the corners of the box. He called it blue orgone or healing orgone. Essentially, he had devised a way to attract and hold onto a ghost. Reich built and sold many of the boxes out of Tucson AZ in the early 1950s and had cured cancer and other conditions. The AMA labeled Reich a quack, passed a federal law forbidding the interstate sale of Orgone Accumulators. Reich was arrested in 1955 and sentenced to a year in prison, dying just before his release date. Many believe he was murdered. Almost all of Reich’s papers were seized and burned.

A few people years later were able to find some of Reich’s notes and piece together using dowsing Orgone Accumulators but in 1990-5 the Blue Orgone was not being held in the boxes. Karl Welz a Reich researcher in Atlanta Georgia realized that the increase in radio transmissions was disrupting the containment of orgone. Coin collections cast in Lucite had a blue orgone effect. Also fishing lures of metal flakes cast in clear plastic attracted fish. Welz cast lead BB shot in polyester fiberglass resin and got the blue orgone effect. Adding a single point quartz crystal increased the blue orgone. A double terminator quartz generated even more healthy orgone. Welz has a copywrite on this product called “Orgonite”.

Reich also developed cloudbusters which were bundles of steel pipes held on a tripod and grounded by a wire to a body of water. Wilhelm Reich was able to point the cloudbuster at the clouds over Tucson and break them up creating rain in the desert. What Reich was seeing in the sky over the city was dark unhealthy orgone. The cloudbuster broke up the Deadly Orgone (DOR). Reich said the dark orgone was created by an imbalance in female/male relationships in the population. Others believe the above ground detonation of A-Bombs in Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico created DOR.

Don Croft seeing chemtrails starting over Oregon in 1997 and wanting to do something about them combined Reich’s cloudbuster with Welz’s orgone accumulator and created the Croft Chembuster that could and did punch holes in Chemtrails.  Don Croft also saw that the Chemtrails were resistant to his Chembuster when they were over cell phone, radio, radar and other towers so he developed smaller orgone accumulators pouring resin/metal filings into muffin trays. These were called Tower Busters (TBs).

By the summer of 2002 hundreds of people were actively attacking Chemtrails and succeeding.