Spirit Animal–The Message from Pigeon


Pigeons are often regarded as pests. In some cases, they are regarded as a delicacy for eating (squib). Some people revere them for their racing abilities. Most of us think of them as the birds that people feed in the parks and squares in the cities. We seldom think of them as a totem animal that may have something to teach us. If Pigeon is appearing in your life, you may be assured that he has a reason. Take into consideration that Pigeon was used by the Chinese for hundreds of years to deliver messages. Europeans adopted this technique and used pigeons to deliver messages in times of war. Pigeons have great courage and may fly 500 miles per day at speeds of 100 miles per hour for 100 miles! So what is Pigeon coming to say? Some of the messages might be:

    -have courage and keep focused on the goal at hand.

    -how to value the qualities of home, security, and the caring that a loved one provides. (Pigeon often appears as a totem or guide for people that have had a troubled or unsettled childhood, and who seem to have difficulty in finding a solid foundation in all areas of their lives.)

    -how to know “true north” (we would call it the compass of integrity), and how to always find one’s way home – to the place in their heart where they know there is truth.

    -how to always know where you are and to know where “home” is.

Pigeon’s big message when it first appears to you is to remind you that you must keep your sights and your actions focused on what it is that you want in life. It is reminding you to use all of your senses equally and thus stay balanced. Mostly, Pigeon says focus on where you want to be and start moving to that goal using your inner guidance so that you will always find your way, regardless of the journey.

Walk in peace!



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