The Development of an Unconventional Belief System

Curiosity’s Reward: The Development of an Unconventional Belief System  By Arthur Roy

ISBN 9781460203064 Friesen Press.  2012.

Arthur Roy is a long-time member of The Canadian Society of Questers. His book has been sitting on the shelf with many others that came with the Holistic Intuition Society gift that John Living put into our care. So richly endowed we are. Curiosity’s Reward fell off the shelf for me a couple of months ago and had me! It resonated well with my own life experiences in uncanny ways and reminded me of several past CSQ Conference speakers that I had also heard.

This is an amazing account of Roy’s life and a very rich description of almost all and every possible ‘Questing’ aspect of health, energy, science and conscious awareness.  Roy enthusiastically has experienced, taken the courses and practiced the therapies with many clients.  He has rubbed shoulders with the most expert in many, in these fields of interest.  The book is liberally dotted with references and examples of his results, from books about each and every aspect he has learned about in the latter years of his long life to date.

The lay out of this book could be used as a Quester’s Thesaurus, with each chapter and section of it easily referenced from the Table of Contents.

The final page of the book says- Curiosity’s Reward,

“So what is curiosity’s reward?  For me, it is not only a life full of surprises, continuous learning, and rewarding personal relationships but an evolving belief system that I am comfortable with.

So that is it for this edition.  Perhaps I will publish a revision when I reach a suitable age and have something else to say, perhaps at age 100 or 110.  Until then I intend to relax and continue to enjoy my life; I still have many items on my ‘bucket list’.”

The book can be found at Amazon in print or Kindle.

Serah Roer,

April, 2015