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5G Deadliness Dowse

5G Deadliness Dowse

This is a dowse I did on July 23 2019 for a friend in Los Angeles. I went into the dowse not knowing what would happen which is a good thing when dowsing. I was surprised that 4G megahertz em radiation is almost five time deadlier than 5G. Check this dowse with your own dowse.
Dowse on 5G deadliness
Can I? YES
May I? YES
Should I? YES
Is 5G deadly to humans? YES
Is 5G deadly to insects? YES
Is 5G deadly to small birds and animals? YES
Is exposure to 5G cumulative? YES
What is the death rate for humans for one year with regular phone use per 100,000? 12
Total for two years? 32
Three years? 53
Five years? 90
Ten years? 200
Twenty years? 430
Forty years? 1200
Over 40 years over 1% of 5G users will die? YES
Percentage of deaths heart disease? 24%
Cancers? 76%
Skin Cancers? 71%
Lung Cancer? 0%
Brain Cancer? 1%
Throat Cancer? 4%
All other cancers? 1%
Deaths from the use of 3G and 4G over 40 years per 100,000? 4700
Nearly 5% of 3G and 4G users will die in 40 years? YES
Heart disease percentage? 93%
Damage to nerves in heart resulting in heart arrhythmia? 93%
Skin Cancer? 5%
Brain Cancer? 2%
3G and 4G are nearly five times deadlier than 5G? YES

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