About Perfection

About Perfection


Somewhere in our lives, the idea of being perfect was drummed into us.  This may have happened at home or at school.  The concept of perfection is a truly human idea.  Nature sees everything as perfect.

When we go with the flow, and let things happen, we can see that the truth of what happens is very different from our ideas or preconceptions of what should happen.  The flow is outside of our idea of perfection.  Perhaps, then, our ideas are wrong, and we need to change them.

Learning to release the preconceived ideas that we have is a difficult task because many ideas are integral to our belief systems.  We learn those belief systems from our parents, extended family, and religion or community.  How do you undo what you have learned?

To undo learning, you must try new things outside the box of your learning.  You need to make mistakes and see what happens.  It is almost like playing a computer game.  Sometimes the most illogical moves give you the greatest gains in the game.

Go in peace.