Ed Bush

Ed Bush

Ed Bush

Ed Bush was in his late 70s when I saw his presentation at the Vernon Questers in 2003. Merlin Beltain was excited introducing him. He had travelled to Vernon for his talk on dowsing and travelling was becoming a challenge for him.

Beside him on a table at the front of the room was a potted plant. Ed used the plant to demonstrate the ill effects of microwave radiation. Ed asked for a volunteer dowser to use a pendulum to measure the auric field of the plant. That was done and the dowser measured an aura of about six inches. On a side table was a small microwave and a glass of water. Ed took the glass of water and asked for everyone with a pendulum to impart a blessing on the water. Ed spun his pendulum clockwise over the glass. Then Ed poured a little of the water onto the soil of the potted plant. The same volunteer dowser was asked to now test the aura of the plant. The pendulum showed a great expansion of the aura out to about three or four feet. Ed said that simply by blessing to plant would have caused the same expansion of the aura, but he was using water to impart the blessing.

In the next step Ed placed the same glass of water in the microwave at full power for ten seconds. Ed then poured a small amount of water from the glass on the soil. Then the dowser was asked to test the aura of the plant. The dowser contacted the outer leaves of the plant before finding the aura. The aura had shrunk considerably.

Ed then talked about his repeated experiments with other plants in his home finding the deleterious effects again and again. He recommended blessing food coming out of a microwave in order to replace what the radiation had removed.

He then blessed the same glass of water with assistance from the Questers and the dowser found the aura of the plant had expanded out to three or four feet again.

Other master dowsers like Raymon Grace and Joey Korn have used blessings of water in their work to great benefit.

Ed Bush’s recommendation was to get rid of microwaves in your own home but if eating restaurant food where microwaves are used to bless your food asking for all nutrients to be returned to their original values.