Elder Merope Gervais – My Dowsing Story

Elder Merope Gervais – My Dowsing Story

3:30 – 4:25 pm Friday 5/4/18


I was first introduced to Dowsing in October 1988.  It was a profound, instant and empowering experience to discover that there was a method to get answers from above, below and all around us. I had always thought that our memories, the memories of everyone else and indeed the memories of everything on Earth had to be somewhere.  I just had no idea how to access that “library” of knowledge.  Then, thank goodness, along came dowsing.

Since then I have made it one of my career paths to become as knowledgeable and proficient a dowser, diviner, seeker, healer, as I possibly could become. I’m still working at this goal and I always will be. My 30 Journey in learning “How to Dowse” is fascinating and Funny!  I will share some of these adventures and stories and dowsing results during my presentation in Red Deer. I have been Chairperson of the Calgary Dowsers since July 2008 and I am still active in that role.

Today I feel so GOOD!!!  My physical health is awesome, my mental clarity is fully functioning, I am emotionally balanced and my spiritual connection is very strong!   Do YOU want to experience the same?? Then come and see me for a treatment!  Whatever I suggest, I promise you improvement in your overall health over a short period of time.

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