Few Hurricanes in Summer of 2019

Few Hurricanes in Summer of 2019

Few Hurricanes in Summer of 2019


There have been markedly fewer hurricanes in the Atlantic this year. The Pacific cyclones season has been similarly sparse. Checking ocean surface temperatures on


The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Atlantic are all five to ten degrees cooler than normal. The western Pacific is near normal with the hottest surface temperatures north of Darwin Australia. The cooler waters on the equator is the La Nina current of cooler ocean bottom waters rising from the ocean floor off the coast of Ecuador and flowing west half way across the Pacific. The waters pushing the La Nina are the heavy saltier waters where surface evaporation has concentrated the salt. Generally the ocean bottom currents compliment the surface currents in the reverse direction but the ocean bed topology makes it complex.

What is cooling the surface of the oceans?

We had rivers of moisture in the atmosphere creating a lot of snow on the east coast of North America and Greenland. The source of the moisture was in the tropics just north of the equator in fixed positions south of Mexico and Latin America and supplemented by moisture arising off the Gulf of Mexico. An excess of cloud cover cooled the ocean surface yet moisture kept rising. Then is spring and early summer the rivers in the sky shifted the Great Plains and fields were flooded for months. The rivers in the sky were originating in tropical waters south of Hawaii. Then in the middle of July there were no rivers in the sky. The large bands of cloud cover stopped.

Dowsing I keep getting that the Pentagon is manipulating weather worldwide. Three decades ago there was a report that the US military wanted to weaponized weather by 2025. Blaming people for Climate Change by emitting carbon dioxide a diversion from what is actually happening.

What do you get from your dowsing?