Just For Today, I Will….


Here are all the phrases people use to talk about their relationship with time.

  • Life is going by so quickly. 
  • If only I had time, I would….
  • That will have to wait
  • I am so busy, I don’t have time to…

Because people are so caught up in the concept of time and the limits that they feel they have, people get angry.  People worry.  People cut corners when doing work, and they become stressed. People forget about kindness.

The poster reminds us that sometimes we must be mindful of the little things.. like giving thanks, like being kind, like being honest.  We can always find evidence to support that the world is against us, or that we are being wronged.  We have learned to blame.

What a nice change it would make if we could all look at the way the world works for us, and to see how the Universe supports us. 

Just for today, I will…

Go in peace.



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