Lynn Clark – Speaker Fall 2019

Lynn Clark is a certified Live and Dried Blood analyst and a specialized Kinesiologist.  She grew up on a farm in Carstairs, AB., and lived a variety of places until 2011 when she relocated to Tappen, BC.

She started her career in alternative health in 1999 when she started and completed classes in Touch for Health, which is specialized kinesiology, additionally she was also introduced to live and dried blood analysis.  Soon after she took blood analysis training privately in early 2001 in Calgary.  Since then she has added more dimension to her work with Body Talk, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrated Body Therapy, and most recently, Usui Reiki.  She is also a certified Touch for Health instructor since March 2013.

Blood analysis is interesting and helpful in so many ways as it helps to provide information from a different perspective.  Viewed under a high-power microscope and displayed on a screen, the client gets to see everything the analyst sees.  It is largely photo comparative, and practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe; they analyze and suggest.  Blood analysis is extremely useful in preventative maintenance, and can also be used in acute situations.  A typical blood analysis takes approximately 1 hour.

She believes that the more information we have about our health, the better choices we can make. Presently she has an active business in alternative holistic health in her office in Tappen, BC.


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