Raymon Grace

Thank You Judith Hirst for your two years of Blogs on Questers.ca and a lot of unseen work in the background.

I will continue in her tradition of discussing a wide range of topics. I will bring up new subjects and ideas as the blog unrolls. I will center my first blogs on my experiences learning dowsing since 2003.

My first teacher of dowsing was Raymon Grace in the summer of 2003 on the shores of Swan Lake. He had a hard time getting into Canada from the USA as he wanted to wear his revolver on his hip. Canada Customs did not like the idea. He had to make do with a hunting knife and a special holster for his dowsing “bobber”. He was born in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and he spoke in a soft southern accent. He was dressed like a cowboy in leathers, blue jeans, cowboy boots and an old cowboy hat. He wore his hair long and his energy level was high. He was either a full fledged medicine man in First Nation’s traditions or working at shamanic levels in many other traditions.

He had worked with Evelyn Rattray in clearing multi-generational trauma in those who suffered through the residential school in many First Nations peoples from the Yukon to Nova Scotia. Evelyn has a way of reaching deep into their tortured souls and Raymon facilitates the healing. They have traveled widely together.

Raymon expertly taught us his protocols and gave us photostatted sheets of methods that worked for him. He came into dowsing learning from the masters of the previous twenty years. He was first taught dowsing at a Silva Mind Control Seminar in Texas from a Canadian from High Level Alberta. Raymon got immediately. Bill was dressed like Raymon.

One of the projects Raymon had just started with Marilyn Gang and the Toronto Dowsers was the healing of water. Essentially he took out his bobber and spun it rapidly while visualizing the five Platonic Solids and all the sacred geometries he could hold in his head. Later dowsers were able to determine the energy was in the water and expanding. Samples of the water were carried across North America and eventually the world. Raymon blessed the water and made it Holy.

Raymon continues his work out of Virginia and has many videos on YouTube.

Glen Livingstone