Spirit Animal–Ox


Image of Oxen from www.afb.org/ Oxen pulled the carts and wagons that helped the pioneers cross North America from the East to the West coast.

“Dependable, calm, methodical, patient, hardworking, ambitious, conventional, steady, modest, logical, resolute, tenacious. Can be stubborn, narrow-minded, materialistic, rigid, demanding.”

Ox is actually a bull that has been neutered either because of its very gentle disposition which makes it ideal for pulling work, or because the bull is not a good breeder. The best Ox is actually one with horns because the horns help the yoke stay in place. The horns also enable Ox to defend against predators.

Our Ancestors preferred Ox’s draft capabilities over that of a horse or mule where steadiness over speed was required. Ox is sure footed, patient, and generally gets along with anyone or any team-mate. Ox is also stronger, and not likely to injure itself because it is methodical in what it does, and does not jerk or rear against the harness or driver. Ox has also been used for riding because again it will go much longer in the day than a horse will travel.

As Ox is part of the family of cattle and bovines, it brings some of the same messages. If Ox is in your dreams, or shows up in pictures for you, then it does bring you a message. Some of these messages might be:

a) Are you pulling your weight in the world? Ox takes on huge loads and moves them, without protest. Have you been whining and complaining about your lot in life? Are you labeling yourself as a victim? Ox is here to remind you that everything is fair and for a reason. Put your back into what you do, and you will forget about being a victim.

b) Do you help others? Ox is in training for his part as a draft animal by age two to three, and usually will work for four to six years. Ox has committed his life to helping mankind move forward. If you are feeling low self worth, Ox suggests that you find someplace to volunteer. Helping others is the surest way to improve self esteem.

c) Are you working hard, and doing everything yourself? Do you feel unappreciated? Ox reminds you that most animals work better in a team. Why do you try to do it all yourself? Find a good team-mate, and split the work load. Bring your life back into balance.

Ox is a great example of being able to go with the flow in life, and not get excited or emotional. Let Ox be your guide!

Go in peace.

This article was originally published in the Angels and Ancestors Magazine – JANUARY 2009 Volume 3 Issue 4- and has been republished by permission of the author, Judith Hirst.



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