Spirit Guide–Fairy Penguin / Blue Penguin


Years ago, a reader asked me why she was seeing a “Fairy Penguin” in her dreams and seeing pictures of them when she looked in magazines.  The reader was seeing a Spirit Guide.  What I have learned  is that when a spirit guide pops up in your life, it is there to help you focus on what is happening and what will be happening for the next week or two or even for a month.

As you can see from the picture, the Fairy Penguin has beautiful colouring that reflects the message that it may bring to people.  Some may call the feather colour blue, and others will call it indigo.  Whichever, the colour blue is associated with our throat chakra while the colour indigo is associated with the third eye or brow chakra.  So, what is the message in the colour blue?  Fairy Penguin is telling you to speak the truth, or your truth which may be the same thing, depending on the circumstances.

This thought brings to mind the book, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.  In his book, Ruiz lays out the first agreement.

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Are you speaking your truth?  Are you walking your truth?  Are you aware of a situation that is a lie or cover up, and is it time for you to “uncover” the truth?  The throat chakra is about communication as well.  Just as you ask what the Penguin is trying to say – the Penguin may be saying to you that you need to communicate more and with a different tone/technique than you are now using. If people do not understand you, it may be their challenge or it may be yours.  Generally, it is both.  Those around us mirror that which we struggle with. An interesting thought is that the throat is used to express the will of the Creator (or God/Goddess).  Are you needing to express a spiritual truth that you have been suppressing?  If so, this little Fairy Penguin might be telling you about new beginnings and to get actively involved in something that expresses the creative voice and will of Creator and Universe.  What is it that has been nudging you in the last several weeks – a conservation type project – perhaps helping with the Fairy Penguin, or is it about taking an active role in your community?

If you see the blue as more of an indigo colour, then the message is bringing you an awareness of your third eye.  The third eye is about “seeing” what is beyond the visible or beyond our concept of reality.  The fact that you saw a Fairy Penguin that others seem to be missing. Remember that the “Fairy” part of the Penguin’s name is about 4th Dimensional Reality, about magic and mystery, and about the unknown.  Is your awareness growing?  Are your psychic abilities now starting to present themselves?  Are you doing anything – taking training, meditating – to help this process?  The colour indigo is also a reminder that one needs to seek the highest truth (there is that truth thing again!) and usually the highest truth is that message or way of living that happens with Divine guidance.

The Blue Penguin or Fairy Penguin grows up to sixteen inches tall.  His small size is certainly similar to what we believe the size of fairies to be.  The white breast is associated with the colour of spirit.  The dark and light contrast may be about moving between spirit and form, or between the light and night of the world.  As the Penguin may move between the water and land, the little Blue Penguin also moves between the seen and the unseen.  There is a very definite invitation in the “bark” of the penguin to take the “plunge” and move into the emotion and experience of working with the unseen.  Remember too that water is always about emotion, so when an animal or another water related being speaks to you from the water, they are asking you to dive down into your emotions and examine them, and “swim” through them to get out the food or what you need and let the rest go.

If you receive Blue Penguin as a guide, you have been given a great gift!  Enjoy your time with the guide, and remember to thank it and honor it.

© August 2018  Judith Hirst.  Judith is a happy systems business analyst and a non-traditional shaman who has learned and continues to learn  that healing happens in many ways. Sometimes the healing happens from a story in a blog.  She is grateful for the clear guidance from Great Spirit and from her Angels for the messages that go into each blog.