Spring Conference May 3 to 5 2019–Schedule

The spring conference is days away.  Here is the schedule of all the events.

If you want to do a drop in, check the Spring Conference page for drop in tickets and all pricing for aspects of the conference.  Click on https://questers.ca/conferences/spring-conference/.  The tickets are listed at the bottom of the page.










One response to “Spring Conference May 3 to 5 2019–Schedule”

  1. David Meade Avatar
    David Meade

    I have developed a “Forgiveness” method that any one can use to make their lives better and easier…been a member along time but would like to take it to the next step at the spring conference…I need about 1 hour and a small room setting..would like to talk to someone (Jaquilyn-Rose/ Thysen,.. etal) about space and time..thx David Meade…403-889-8611