Spring Equinox March 20 2018 Message


This spring equinox is about rejuvenation of the self.  What this means is, concentrate on your own healing, wisdom, learning, growth, and experience.  Let others concentrate on their own journey.  Offering unsolicited advice, driving and controlling others, and manipulating those around you, will lead to illness very quickly.

This brings to mind the affirmations that will help you on your journey:

  • You always decide for yourself what is best for you, and you allow others the same right.
  • You accept complete responsibility for your life, and for your reactions to all situations.
  • You enjoy excellent health, and you are easily able to relax at any time.

When we get involved in other people’s stuff, we move away from our path.  We can ask for blessings for others or for healing for others, yet if the person does not ask for it themselves, we are simply sending out energy that will keep on going without touching the other person, because that other person is not ready.

So, how does this affect healers?  The more that a healer tries to work on others without doing any work on themselves, the more likely it is that the healer will fall ill or have an accident that takes them out of the healing world for a time.  The illness or accident, will focus on the cornerstone that the healer must work on to keep being the example they need to be to their clients.

Overall, it does not matter if you are in service to others if you are not in service to self. Translating this concept to self means – eating properly for you, not according to someone else’s diet or way of life; maintaining the body temple in a healthy balanced manner, for if your body can not support you, it will not support your work; and doing all the clearings that you do with people, on yourself, at least in weekly sessions. (Daily is better!)  If you do not have time to work on yourself, should you be working on others?  This is a question that each of us must answer.

As a comparison, when an athlete is training, they train only for themselves, and use a coach.  Only when they have trained long and hard, doing the same routines everyday, often for eight and ten years, or longer, do they think about becoming coaches, to work with others.

Now is the time to pay attention to you!

Go in peace.




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