Sue Paulson – Heaven Is Here – Did You Miss the Memo?

Sue Paulson – Heaven Is Here – Did You Miss the Memo?

7:30 pm – 8:55 pm Saturday 5/5/18

More than just a remarkable voice of her generation, Sue Paulson’s wit and wisdom spans decades of experience. A conscious and empowered woman, Sue is no stranger to adversity.

A near death experience in 2007 combined with two bouts of cancer in 2011 and 2012 taught Sue to ride the roller coaster of life with grace, dignity, and compassion. Her growth through the most transformative time of her life taught her to embrace the magnificence that’s inherent in each of us. These days, Sue is focused on her new mission – to be happy. She inspires and guides us to do the same!

Her latest book, Magnificent Misery – from Adversity to Ecstasy shares her heart-wrenching adventures and inspires her readers to seek their own heaven on earth is available at

Sue’s Presentation:  HEAVEN IS HERE – Did You Miss that Memo?

Messages arrive from the Universe all the time. Some messages open our hearts and cause us to sigh with pleasure. We love receiving those ones! Other messages, those frightful, wake-up calls, hit us over the head and leave us cowering in the corner. We hate those messages! “Why me?” we cry. But – what if that nasty wake-up call is the one that will, dizzying human journey that leads us to create and live our versions of heaven while here on earth. 

Post Workshop Presentation: Harnessing the Power of Heaven on Earth
A “Tea with Sue” Workshop

Inside each of us is the knowing of Home.

If you’ve had glimpses or experienced moments of that splendor, perhaps you’re yearning to feel it more fully and more often.

The chaos we see around us is not more powerful than Source or our connection to It.

If you believe that it’s time for you to embrace and install your vision of heaven on earth, then join Sue to explore ideas and tools to bring more of that heaven to you right now.


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