What A Wonderful 2018 Spring Conference in Red Deer!

What A Wonderful 2018 Spring Conference in Red Deer!



Well, it’s over and done!  And, it was wonderful!  The conference got off to a fabulous start with MC, Roger Joyeux, who set the emotional theme of the gathering – the theme of love.  He also did a great job of keeping the events on time.  Roger and Jacqui Rose’s  enthusiasm for the Raffle Table draws throughout the two days kept all of us entertained and wishing we had purchased more raffle tickets.

Day One was filled with two marvelous presentations by long time Quester members, Tyhson Bannigan and Merope Gervais.  Tyhson reminded attendees to clear themselves and ground every morning before starting out.  He gave some great tips for working with our pendulums, and led us through some examples of clearing. His demonstration of clearing a person in pain, on stage, and then teaching another to do it was so powerful to the audience. He ended the session with a hands-on session for dowsers to find water. 

Merope provided not only a history of what she has been doing, but at the same time, provided a great history of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, now Questers, and how Questers has contributed to the pool of knowledge that we can all tap. As leader of the Calgary Dowsers, Merope has grown the club over the last ten years and shared much of her dowsing abilities with them.   Merope’s presentation touched on so many topics and healing modalities that many of us think she should come back to do a workshop on just one modality.

The evening presentation by Dr. Ken Johnston had the audience spell bound as he walked them through the pictures showing his life behind the scenes in the Apollo and Challenger programs.  He included pictures of the moon showing the facilities already located there by other space beings, and talked about the secret space program that based in the American space program and collaborates with beings from the stars. 

Day Two was full of magic! Cindi Johnston started the day with her presentation on Shifting Timelines.  This tied nicely in to Dr. Ken Johnston’s (no relation) talk the night before. Cindi is a superb story-teller, and she shifted the audience through several of her life experiences as we lived her story.  She mentioned several times that we need to work with the children and work to save the children.  The session ended with an extremely powerful meditation that grounded us and started a healing process. Check out her newest book at http://www.shiftingtimelines.com

Chris Lee’s session on Life in the Past Lane carried on with the theme of timelines.  Chris walked us through what a hypnotherapist does, and shared some case histories with us.  Everyone was excited to learn that seeing the main past life that is causing this lifetime’s problem could shift and end the problem.  He sited cases about ending phobias such as fear of heights, fear of success, and fear of water to show the power of hypnotherapy.  Many signed up for his sessions to clear their issues.  You can find out more about Chris’s brand of hypnotherapy at http://www.pastliferegressionandprogression.com/.

In a first of its kind session, the Quester’s board had a session to dialogue with the members about what the future would look like and listen to comments and ideas from the members.  The discussion talked about fees, conference fees, online workshops and an online Questers group. Volunteers popped up to work on ride sharing, billeting, and the Quester’s Twitter and Facebook pages.  Discussions about the state of the funds, Quester member’s generosity, and the amazing amount of love in the room abounded.

Many of us have never heard of John of God.  In the session by Josie RavenWing, we learned about her experiences from the very beginning of her work with John of God (who lives in Brazil), and is an extraordinarily gifted healer.  Josie leads groups to Brazil to  – The Casa de Dom Inácio (the house of St Ignatius Loyola) a spiritual healing centre in Abadiânia, central Brazil. As part of her workshop on Sunday, Josie led those present through two unbelievable healing sessions. 

The Saturday evening keynote was by Sue Paulson who talked about “Heaven is Here”.  Sue shared her story of illness and recovery, and talked about the every day miracles that are occurring all around us.  She talked about how we all have the power to make changes to our lives. She inspired the audience and treated them to common sense practices that can change one’s life.

Each conference ends with a closing ceremony.  Roger Joyeux led the group through another love in to wrap up the day and half sessions.  It included breathing, gazing, drumming, singing, dancing, and lots of hugging. 

The next conference is in September, at 108 Mile House.  Get all of the details here – at https://questers.ca/conferences/fall-conference/.

See you at the fall conference!