What Happens If You Practice Being Grateful for a Month?

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What Happens If You Practice Being Grateful for a Month


February is a short month and therefore is the perfect time to practice being grateful every day.  Instead of complaining, phrase every speech to be out of your mouth as a form of gratefulness.

People that have practiced this month of gratefulness have said that it changes their lives.  They feel happier.  It is easier for them to be positive.  They notice the kindnesses that people do more readily instead of focusing on what they think people should do.

If you try this, report back, and tell the Questers if you noticed any changes in you. 

My contact information is at the top of the blog.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

Go in Peace.

AUTHOR – Judith Hirst has been writing spiritual and technical blogs for the last thirteen years. She is a non-traditional shaman who has studied with shaman teachers from different lineages. As well, she has studied and uses Dowsing, Body Talk, EFT, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Hypnotherapy, Angel Karma Techniques, Angel Therapy, and has taught Star Talker Training classes. She is a seer and medium.  Judith joined Questers in 2007, and now serves on the  Questers Board as secretary and blog master.



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