William Baumgartner

William Baumgartner came to Questers in 2004-5 paying room rental for Ian Lungold’s Mayan Callendar presentation at the Prestige Hotel in Salmon Arm. He also taught us in his own home in Gleneden about Viktor Schauberger’s discoveries and Walter Russell’s visions.

Baumgartner revealed many secrets. He had worked on advanced projects in America. He knew anti-gravity craft already exist.

He said “Implosion” technology is one of the routes to Free Energy. He wrote articles in the German magazine “Implosion”.

Implosion energy is the vortex Zero Point energy, we witness in running water rounding rocks in stream beds.

Break a rock and place the shape edge in clear water of fast water. Within weeks the sharp edge will start rounding off. In school I was taught the fast water rolls the rock and sand in the current polishes the edges. Baumgartner showed the water, and its vortexes alone do the smoothing.

At the heart of the vortex in the swirling clear water microscopic point of heat arises from nowhere. Viktor Schauberger speculated that the point of energy was a million degrees C. The temperature could not be measured directly but the work it did do could be measured on the silicate face of the rock.

Schauberger also looked at waterfalls and saw tumbling water levitating after about a hundred-foot fall through air. The vortexes in the water and air ionized the water droplets creating a high electrical charge on their surfaces. That charge broke the gravity connection and the drops levitated away from torrent.

This levitation also explains how hail as large as baseballs are created in thunderstorms, and where the huge electrical charges of lightning are generated.