December 1 2017–Remember December


This is the first day of December – a signal to us that Christmas is twenty-four days away!  Do you know the following things about December?

1.  The Moon celebration is called “The Moon of Long Nights”.

2.  During this time, the water is believed to be revitalized.

3.  The event of Winter Solstice, held on either December 21st or 22nd depending on the length of the year. This honors the longest night and the return of the Sun Goddess, Lucina.

4.  Our Ancestors thought that December was a time to  endure, for the elderly to die, and for the world, and their life, to be reborn.

5.  During this cold time of December, our Ancestors spent time on introspection and renewal – weaving new clothes, creating new tools, honoring the Gods and Goddesses.

6.  It is common for people to use this time as time of purification.  People have saunas and roll in the snow. Others participate in sweat lodges.  Some simply steam.  The hot and the cold are the balance to purify our bodies.

7.  The trees that we honor at this time are the family of evergreens – pine trees will be decorated for Christmas

8. The colour traditionally associated with Christmas was dark red.

Note:  This post is reprinted from December 1, 2008 with the author’s permission.

Go in peace.



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