Dowsing as Fact Checking

Dowsing as Fact Checking

Richard McIver sent this link to me. It is a bit too long to post to this blog. Thinking about how to present this information I decided to make it into a dowsing exercise.

In journalism fact checking is really important to determine what is true. An article like this could take a week of research to chase down everything. A lot of telephone calls and internet searches are now used whereas decades ago an investigator spent a lot of time in libraries and archives. Currently Wikipedia has questionable info as corporate interests have bought their way onto those pages.

Dowsers of course are not able to call ‘pendulum fact checking’ as hard research but it can accelerate the process. The article is:

First dowse unread and ask if the article is 100% true. Rarely is anything written is 1 100% true. For this sort of dowsing it would be best to draw a semicircle and divide the circumference into ten even sections and starting on the left label from 0% to 100%. With your pendulum over the middle of the semicircle ask for the percentage of truth. Write down your answer.
Open up the link. Read each paragraph and dowse percentage of truth. Write down your answer.
Continue through the whole article. If any lies are brought to your attention then dowse the individual sentences or even the individual words. If an untruth persists then the real detective work starts. In dowsing the psychic senses do awaken and the ultimate truth can be seen in a flash of insight.

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  1. Susan Ayers

    Good info Glen, I didn’t think about going word for word.

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