Dowsing the Future Towards Us–Spring Conference Report

AUTHOR –   Serah Roer, long time Quester and past Membership secretary – writes about the Spring Questers conference in Red Deer.  Serah provides a very clear picture of the speakers and the take-away for each of us for everyday living..

Note:  Some editing provided by Judith Hirst, and the pictures are provided by Judith.

The title of the Conference proved to be extremely appropriate to the speakers.  The Baymont Inn in Red Deer has a new conference room that could accommodate the venue tables easily.  The new dining room provided us with the buffet meals and room to socialize at meal times.  The hospitality room buzzed with activity, laughter and deep conversation until late in the evenings.

The Opening Speakers set the tone for the 3day event.  Cindy Johnston and Tyhson Banighen collaborated to clear the Time Lines of Control.


imageAfter lunch on Friday, Anick Bourbonniere  shared her Out of Body experiences and the gifts that came through her work with children.    We were all asked to choose a little rock from a bag and to hold this rock for as long as possible before the Post Conference workshop, where we will learn to listen to our dreams, practice intuition, and see what life brings, as we learn to do what we do without forcing things.  Light language is a treat to experience. So much Joy and Love is expressed through the sounds.

Georgia Miller, Elder Talk.   Georgia shared the story of how her journey to Questers started, and then talked a bit about some of the early Quester conferences.

imageMichael Horn.  Keynote Speaker.        As the North American who has been following Billy Meier’s writings and work for many years, he titled his Conference and Post Conference Talks –“Time Traveler’s Vision of our Future” This has revealed for us again, the long-lost man from the German Swiss border who saw space ships and conversed with the space beings.  Michael Horn has followed Billy’s life, writings, many predictions past, present and future that are laid out and have become and are becoming real.  Time will tell and Billy’s books tell all.  Space Beings told Billy.  ‘Don’t worry about dying, you will live through it’. Billy has had attacks and his life threatened several times by powers that be and nay-sayers.

On Saturday morning. Jacqui Rose led us in an Open Forum for the Quester Society, to help us reinvent and regenerate our community of Dowsers and Energy Workers. Ideas for the Chapters to develop in new ways, creating strong committees and encouraging Volunteers.  The Staff at the Conference were sporting smart purple T shirts with the Quester Logo on the front and back.  They are available for the membership to buy and Chapters will have them to show their members at meetings.  We are being reminded to respect Copyright and to share experiences by sending articles to Roger Joyeux for inclusion in the Quester Journal and to Judith Hirst to put in the Website BlogRob Cheyne is busy getting the quester website all up to date.

Judith Hirst gave us a wonderful picture, after the morning break, of her life and experiences as a Shamanistic Leader and Spiritual Medium. After being told by a psychic Aunty, as a child, that ‘she should hide her light under a bushel’, Judith came out to us and told us the 10 lessons she learned as a medium, about her New Death Experiences and much more.   

The Healing Power of Qi Gong was presented after lunch by Mario.  We were told of the energy that is created by practicing everyday, the Breath, Physical Postures and gentle movements, combined with focused intent. Qi Gong is becoming the most popular exercise system in the country. One 40-minute session a day gives a raft of benefits, physical, mental and healing energy.  Mario took us through the gentle movements, as a group.  You could have heard a pin drop; we were all so focused!

Sarah Salter Kelly. A Modern Shaman.  Told us the energetics of Power.  How to be comfortable with our instincts, and come from a place of Love with Authority, Autonomy, Authenticity and Altruism.  That Life does not happen to us.  We are not victims.  That Power happens in the Present, when we Love and are in Balance.  Experiencing both the energy of FEAR and LOVE, we can balance and transform the energies.

Rev. Susan Collins.  Drawing the Future towards us was the finalimage speaker of the Conference.  Susan is a Professional Dowser and Spiritual Minister with years of experience and the writer of many books on the subjects.  She likes to share her knowledge widely.  She has learned from many respected and well- known dowsers, many of whom have been presenters at past CSQ Conferences. We are reminded that anyone can dowse and that the tools you use amplify what you already know. She showed us the Dowsing Protocols and charts to use with the pendulum. Setting goals and reading of the wisdom of those elders who have taught dowsing, can apply to us Now.  Susan emphasized that clear intention with physical action is essential and went through several pages of instructions for us take home and to practice.

Throughout the conference we were reminded to use grounding techniques that we learned from the speakers.

  • Visualize,
  • be silent,
  • walk barefoot in the grass,
  • lie face down on the ground,
  • use our pendulums.
  • Work in groups of likeminded people to create powerful energies to broadcast to the planet.
  • To Love and Nurture our Country Canada.
  • To Meditate and Ohm in groups with strong intentions.

The Conference was an inspiring event where having a comparatively small number of participants turned out to have been most beneficial with everyone in the room tuned in and enthusiastic and resulting in the creation of high and powerful energies.




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