Dowsing to Detect Water

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The Canadian Society of Questers shares knowledge.  One of the key teachings is how to dowse – for water, for health, and for harmony in living.  Check out the article below.



In defence of dowsing to detect water

-an article from The Guardian Newspaper, November 27, 2017.

The passage below is an excerpt from the Guardian Newspaper, from the article entitled, “In defence of dowsing to detect water”. 

Please take the time to read the full article as Guardian readers share their stories about dowsing.

I believe that when dowsers were tested many years ago, they were taken to a field under which was an underground reservoir. None of them located water. The farmer in Somerset told us that his own technique of dowsing only locates running water, so the reservoir would not have been indicated by this method.

Many years later I was the architect for a restoration of a large building in south London. We arranged for a dowser to meet us at the building to try to locate pipes underground. He had a different kind of dowsing instrument. He discovered a whole system of water pipes which we think were originally for fire hydrants, gas pipes and underground drains, all made of iron, which we had no idea were there. When we asked for his invoice, he said that his organisation never charged fees, but that we could make a donation to the British Society of Dowsers.
John Dickinson
Architect, London

Walk in peace.



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