Heart Centred

With the COVID-19 outbreak most are at home waiting for the virus to burn out. It has been a time of stress but also a time when people can relax. Just turn off the news. Dowsing I get that the news is about 65% accurate. Dowsing I get that we will be at home a bit more than two months.

Joan and I do heart centred meditation as taught by Gurpreet in Vernon and it is now easy to go into the heart. Within minutes we can feel the high heart on the sternum. This also know as the Assemblage Point. Heart Math has been teaching heart centred meditation since 1993. Eckhard Tolle’s state of oneness is heart centred. Mooji from Jamaica teaches the same thing.  There are lots of teachers now.

Dowsing while in heart centred meditation is far more accurate. The mind is clearer. Dwelling in the heart reveals and releases old belief systems that do not serve any longer. Being in the heart reveals the wiles of the ego. Staying in the heart looking at the ego heals past fault-finding. Psychic injuries simply dissolve.

Being in the heart is the start of awaking. It is natural.