I Decided To Succeed – By Walt Disney


I Decided To Succeed

– By Walt Disney

And so after waiting aimlessly one day like any other I decided to succeed.

I decided not to wait for opportunities but to go out and find them.

I decided to see every problem as challenges with infinite possibilities.

I decided to see the desert as an opportunity to find an oasis.

I decided to see every night as a mystery to solve.

I decided to see each new day as an opportunity to be happy.

That day I discovered that my only hindrances were my own weaknesses, and that they were just pointing at the best way to do better.

That day I stopped fearing to lose and I began to fear not trying at all.

I discovered that it’s not about me and perhaps never was, and it ceased to matter who won or lost.

Today I rejoice in finding I’m better than yesterday.

I learned the hard part – it’s not climbing to the top of the hill but to keep on climbing.

I learned that my greatest triumph is to have the right to call someone “friend.”

I discovered that love is more than just a state of illusions; it is a way of life.

This day I stop being a reflection of my past failures and light up the candle of the present.

I learned that this light is of no use if it’s not to illuminate the path of others.

I decided to change so many things.

That day I learned that our dreams exist only to be realized.

Since that day I no longer sleep to rest. I sleep solely to dream.

******* Editor’s Note: From the writings of Walt Disney