Invocation That May be Used at Equinox


The fall equinox arrives on Saturday, September 22, 2018.  This day is special because it is the second day of the year when day and night are almost equal.  Different cultures refer to the Autumn Equinox as “Mabon” –  a time to express gratitude, complete projects and honor a moment of balance.

The following invocation is one that I used for our Fall Equinox celebration in 2006, and that I have used for various celebrations since that time. You may recognize some of the phrases from other prayers.  It is all good.

Invocation for the Fall Equinox

I invoke the Great Spirit, the God, the lord of the Sun, the father of man and woman, the father of all that is wild and free, the protector of all.

Descend I pray, with your power and protect, guide and assist those within this circle. We ask that you receive our thanks, that you continue your bounty through the winter sleep, that you help us with blessings to all, and that you help us release that which no longer serves us.

We ask that you teach us to live in the way of peace. We welcome you. I invoke the Great Spirit, The Goddess, the mother of the Earth, the mother of man and woman, the mother of all that is wild and free, the protector of all.

Descend I pray, with your power. I ask for the healing of all your children – The Stone People, the Plant people the four-legged, the two legged, the creepy crawlers, the finned, the furred, and the winged ones, all my relations. We ask that you continue your bounty. We welcome you.

To the Caretakers of the Earth, the fairies, devas, sprites, elementals, and all wild and faery folk, descend to the circle with your power and protect and hold the energy that healing of all may take place, and that the healing may flow to the earth and all its inhabitants. We welcome you.

To the Winds of the South, we welcome the Great Serpent and ask it to teach us to shed the past and to walk softly on the earth.

To the Winds of the West, we welcome Mother Jaguar and ask her to teach us the way to live impeccably and to show us the way beyond death.

To the Winds of the North, we welcome Hummingbird, Grandmothers and Grandfathers and Ancient Ones, we ask you to be at our fire, to allow us to honor you and those who will come after us, my children’s children.

To the Winds of the East, Great Eagle, we welcome you, and ask that you keep us under your wing and teach us to fly with the Great Spirit.

Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Star Nations, and Great Spirit, we welcome you.

Ah Ho.





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