Judith Hirst

Judith Hirst


Judith Hirst – Medium

Judith remembers seeing and hearing things that other people could not see or hear when she was six or seven.  Since then, her work with the paranormal has expanded.  She has been able to study with great teachers to learn more about working with the unseen.  Her studies include becoming a healing facilitator, and learning BodyTalk, EFT, and Reiki.  Judith has been trained by Cherokee shaman, Blackfoot shaman, and by a Sangoma (shaman) from South Africa. Other training comes from Wiccan, Druid, and Mystical teachers.  Some of her knowledge is self-taught.  Over the years, Judith developed a mystical training program called “The Star Talker Program” that she taught from 2007 to 2012.  Along the way, Judith has offered mediumship services to the public. Judith and her husband Roger continue to host meditation gatherings at their house, a practice they established in 2003.  Along with her spiritual pursuits, Judith works a full-time job as a Senior Business Analyst in the technology world. As of October 2018, she serves on the Questers Board as secretary. Judith has been writing the Questers blog since Aug 2017, and she is the current web master of the Questers website.

Judith will be sharing her experiences over the last thirty years as a medium who works with the living and the deceased, and the valuable lessons that she learned in that journey.  She will offer some insights about why events unfold in a certain way when one is engaged as a medium as well as a few “how to” thoughts about coping with certain events that might happen.

Judith’s writings can be found on the Quester Blog at Questers.ca/blog or at her blog Judy’s Angels and Ancestors Blog. Her book of meditations, Earth Wisdom Meditations:  111 Meditations for People Who Love the Earth is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Judith will be speaking and offering a workshop at our upcoming Spring Conference in 2019. For more information, visit our Conference Page.