Message from Jacqui Rose

Fellow Questers, I want to remind you that we live in a mystical universe that responds to us. Not mere random biological lifeforms, we are connected by Consciousness to each other, our environments, and that which is the source of Consciousness.

The ability to dowse, as we all know, is a living demonstration of our connection to this field. We have the opportunity at this time in history to consciously draw upon and to put into the field that which we would like to manifest for ourselves, our communities and our future. Virtually all news sources are encouraging us to be afraid; and we all know that being in a state of fear lowers one’s immune defenses. I encourage you to find ways of being extra loving to yourself and others, and to project or pray or do ceremony to inject more love into mass Consciousness. All emotions are derivatives of either love or fear. Choose wisely!

We continue to plan for our 2020 Fall Conference in Salmon Arm BC featuring Hon. Paul Hellyer as our keynote presenter. Visioning the future we want to see is the theme of this years conference, as is this blog of encouraging thoughts of love and prosperity rather than fear and dis-ease during these uncertain times.

2020 is our Membership Drive year. Not everyone is a Quester, but there are a great many Questers out there who do not know about the Canadian Society of Questers. There are people lonely for like minded individuals who are willing to consider and explore unconventional ideas. Help them find us! Please talk to your friends about joining CSQ and supporting the active sharing of powerful information to enhance our lives. Use facebook and social media to share blogs like this one.

Wishing you good thoughts, safety, and excellent well being.
Jacquelyn Rose,
current president of the Canadian Society of Questers