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To Our Readers:

We are very excited that our Fall Conference in 100 Mile House, BC, from September 28th to 30th, will host Dave Scott will be doing his “Spaced Out Radio” show live Friday night, and Elizabeth Anglin will be doing her “Cosmic Passport” show live Sunday night, from the Spruce Hill Resort. 

This blog post is to introduce our readers to some of the different thoughts and actions that are going on in the UFO/Space world.

The pictures above come from the website – The UFO Chronicles – Click on the link and check it out. The articles are sure to poke at your belief systems and stir up your “questing” nature to do some more digging.

You may also want to check out IRVA Organization.  Their website is  This group specializes in remote viewing – a topic that has been a presentation topic at past Questers conferences.  Here is a paragraph from their website:

Remote viewing is a novel perceptual discipline for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses. Used extensively by so-called “psychic spies” during the Cold War for classified military projects, it has a long history both as an intelligence gathering tool and as the subject of research and applications in the civilian world. Remote viewing has now taken a long step into the public domain with the formation of a professional association to educate, research, propose standards, test performance, and promote public awareness of this unique human mental capacity.

Enjoy the journey! And, walk in peace.

In peace and questing,

Judith Hirst, Blogmaster



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