Spirit Animal – Junco

Juncos like the mountains, and can be found flying around the Rockies, and go as far north as the tundra.  They are a shy, hardy little bird.

image   Junco from Wikipedia

Junco brings a New Year’s  message.  Remember, that she eats seeds and insects, and likes to be in flocks with her kind, hopping about on the ground.

Junco’s message:

  1. Be in constant touch with the Earth, for you will feel the changes that she is bringing and therefore be better prepared for them.
  2. Seeds are precious and bring many nutrients to our bodies – to both Juncos and to humans.  Eat more seeds to get healthy.  And, ban those organizations that would modify the seeds that nourish us, for they put poison into our bodies.
  3. Being in isolation makes you see things in a skewed perspective.  You are not the most important person on Earth, and mostly, people do not care about you if they do not know you.  Join a flock (community) and find out about others.  When you stop thinking about yourself so much, then life becomes much more pleasant.  Join communities that do good things!  Helping others is an amazing energy boost.
  4. Talk about your soul longings and what it is you like and dislike.  Better still, before you talk about them, make a list of what interests you, and what bores you.  You might even be surprised.
  5. Get out side each day.  Breath deeply and let the light of the world into your body.

imageJunco picture from talkaboutwildlife.ca

Photo © Joanne Bovee.

Juncos range over western North America, right up into the North West territories.

Reprinted, with permission of the author, Judith Hirst.



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