Spirit Animals – Bobcat


Over the past  years, Bobcats have been very abundant in Calgary.  We live two streets over from the boundary of Fish Creek Provincial Park, and in the last year, we have had several Bobcats in our front and back yard, and the pair seem to roam our cul-de-sac in a very unconcerned way.  I was thinking about the lessons that might be associated with Bobcat, and I found a blog that I wrote back on May 8, 2008.  As I read it, I realized that Bobcat has been around Calgary a long time.  I am pleased to share this blog  with you.

Spirit Animals –Bobcat

Bobcat is often associated with new lessons and with growth in spirituality.  Weighing in between 15 to 25 pounds, the Bobcat doesn’t move fast. However it can leap up to eight feet to land on prey. Bobcat will actually pounce on yearling fawns and antelope.  In November and December of 2007, bobcats were sighted by residents who live along Fish Creek Park in Calgary.

On January 11, 2008, a Bobcat walked into Paul Nicholas’s store in Whistler. The tourists had been taking pictures of the bobcat and it sought shelter in the store, “far from the maddening crowd”. Mr. Nicholas said that he and his customers were not fearful because the Bobcat was calm and went in and sat behind the cash register in a crouch very much like a house cat. In November and December of 2007, bobcats were sighted by residents who live along Fish Creek Park in Calgary. This reclusive animal is listed as a “sensitive species” in Alberta. So, why is it suddenly showing up in different places?

If you have Bobcat as a spirit animal, then Bobcat has a message for you. It is time to make a change. While Bobcats teach us to be alone without being lonely, and to quickly train our young to fend for themselves, these Bobcats are saying that it is time to come out of isolation and walk with people again. Bobcats show they carry magic and mystery by their black and white markings against their beige or brown fur. Because the animal blends so well with desert, plain, forest and mountain, the Bobcat is regarded as the keeper of secrets of wisdom. In Munay-Ki, we call them Wisdom Keepers.

The Bobcat is choosing NOW to share the wisdom. One lesson it teaches is how to draw from the land to live. Bobcat eats carrion, mice, rabbits, squirrels, rats, and insects so it never wants for food. It is discerning in where it goes and who it allows to see it. This animal has keen night vision so sees equally well in the darkness and the light. Therefore, very little can be hidden from this animal.

People with this spirit animal usually have keen psychic ability and are also very perceptive about other people’s body language and actions. This animal moves silently and often startles those that meet up with it. Are you cloaking or masking yourself? It has a very large yowling sound which sometimes paralyzes its prey. When the true you does emerge, are you startling those around you? Maybe now is the time to expand your knowledge and share what you know.

-from a blog posting – May 8 2008 on angelsandancestors.blogspot.ca

Go in peace.



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