Is the North Magnetic Pole Heading for Siberia?

There have been reports of the North Magnetic Pole heading towards Siberia at rates up to fifty miles per day yet the deviation of the compass from British Columbia is towards Greenland. What is really curious is that the aurora borealis is still on roughly the same circle it has been for the past seventy-five years.

The determination of magnetic north is done by a surface vessel using a dip compass. Where the dip compass is pointing directly down is magnetic north and at this time the ice breakers are following looping courses between the North Pole and Siberia but nearer to the North Pole.

In school we were taught the actual North Magnetic Pole was 2500 miles under the Arctic Ocean or Canada’s Arctic Islands and the South Magnetic Pole is between Antarctica and Australia nearer to Antarctica. The path of the magnetic field through the earth is bent.

Looking at the map of the Current Auroral Oval on the center of the oval is on the northwest coast of Greenland. If the really effective magnetism deflecting solar winds for tens of thousands of miles into space is Greenland why is not that cited as the effective magnetic pole? My compass is pointing to Greenland not Siberia.

This is a dowsing question. When the reports do not make sense then dig out the pendulum and verify what the truth is.




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    Fascinating! I have been following the headlines and like your comments.
    Keep up the great work! Judith