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The Quester is the quarterly journal published by the Canadian Society of Questers.

CLICK HERE for info on past editions of the Questers Journal, which are available on a DVD as PDF files.

Editorial Policy

The Journal is sent quarterly to all members of the Canadian Society of Questers. It is intended to provide a forum for the views of its contributors on a broad range of topics – including dowsing, subtle energies, healing and spirituality – relevant to the pursuits of the Society.

All work for the Chapters of the Society is voluntary. The Journal is funded by the membership and the yearly conventions, where back issues may be displayed and made available for purchase by those in attendance.

Material for the Journal should be sent directly to the Editors, preferably by email, and should bear the sender’s name and contact information for further communication.

The Editors reserve the right to edit material submitted for brevity and clarity. Any editing of content that the Editors deem necessary will be done in consultation with the author. The Editors further reserve the right to refuse publication of any material that they consider to be either of unacceptable quality or of a nature that is not in keeping with the ethics and/or purpose of the Society.

Material which has been reprinted from other sources must be accompanied by permission from that source, or permission from the original author where possible.

Full credit for the original source must be given and printed clearly.

Reference to health and healing matters is not to be regarded as negating the need for medical diagnosis or medical advice and treatment for any health problem.

Editors shall at all times be responsible for competent selection, compilation, layout and editing of the journal, and providing fair copy for final printing. The Journal shall not be used or exhibited for personal gain on business cards or letterheads of a professional or political nature, and the editors shall act in accordance with the aims and ethics of the Society.

IssueArticle Submission Deadline
WinterNov 15
SpringMar 15
SummerJune 15
FallAug 15


The Journal of the Canadian Society of Questers, called The Quester, is available on DVD for only $20.00 plus $3.00 for handling and shipping payable by cheque or money order! (Paypal for international sales) and can be purchased from:

Tyhson Banighen
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Tappen, B.C. V0E 2X1

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 Technical Problems

Sometimes the copies that were available for scanning had been defaced by punch holes or marks; printing of the pages was in some instances askew or very close to the edge or center binding; due to problems with the scanner the scanning of pages that were thinner than those opposite caused shadowing at the center. The results may not be perfect, but are readable – so that the information contained is available to you. Apologies are intended for the imperfections. Consideration was given to scanning with character recognition; this would have involved complete re-editing of ‘The Quester’ and many of the original ‘ideosynchonistities’ would have been lost. Also, the time needed was not available.