Letting Go–It is Hard to Do!


Several weeks ago, my mother, who is in a nursing home, had a bad fall.  The first question is always, “How did that happen?”.  And the second question is, “How could that have been prevented?”  And then, you start to figure out what happened and worry the “why and how” over and over in your mind.

What a senseless exercise!

How very difficult it is to let go of the exercise!

We are doing everything right for our mother (my brothers and sisters and me).  She has twenty-four hour care.  She has a state-of-the-art  walker.  She has supervision to go for meals and the various events that the nursing home puts on.  Yet, my mother did something that fell between the cracks, and fell.

After mulling it for several weeks, I finally had to let it go.  It was possibly preventable, but most likely impossible to stop because my mother is a being with free will, and she will still make choices that are only for her good and no one else’s good. 

Yes, I had to let it go.  I have to accept that everything happens perfectly for all concerned, whether we realize it is perfect or not.

Walk in peace.