Pairing Up and Paring Down

The various astrologers and mystics have been writing about the January 31 2018 Full Moon Eclipse – saying that it is the start of a nineteen (19) year cycle.  The eclipses  are karmic timers that signify a change in fate and destiny.  In this particular 19 year cycle, we will each need to deal with love, relationships, and our natural, spiritual gifts.  Most of us have been awakening, and now is the time to “be awake”, to learn how to use the gifts for the greatest and highest good.  Don’t worry, your teachers will arrive when you need them, and then will leave you.  You must do all the work.

Knowing that big changes are happening has made me think about what we all need in our lives, and that is support.  As I was musing about this, a blog that I wrote back in 2009 came to mind and I thought it was worth sharing at this time.

Go in peace.


Pairing Up and Paring Down


“Winter wonderland” – copyright S. Roger Joyeux, and used with permission.

As I walked out in the park this morning with the dogs, the first thing that caught our attention were two deer walking slowly down the path at the far edge of the park, about one-half mile from where we were entering.  They were content, grazing as they went.  There was a peacefulness to their journey.

Then as we walked down in to the river flood plane, two eagles flew up and down the river. One finally came to the tree top directly across the river from us.  The other eagle circled, watching us and watching the geese, and looking for the fish that would come close to the surface.  Again, there was a serenity to the scene that makes the moment a blessing.

Quite often, our walks are “walking meditations” for me.  As I walked, I reflected that even the two chickadees that we saw were a pair.  The ducks that flew up seemed to be in twos.  The sense was of a “Noah’s Ark” effect.

One of the thoughts that passed through my mind was that in order to hold our balance through the upheavals that will be happening, we each will need someone – a partner who will anchor us as we will anchor them.  To help maintain the balance, we will need to let go of many things – material things.  That process has already been started in the US where people are having to walk away from houses full of furniture for financial reasons.  At the same time, by letting go and paring down, these people are opening up space to accept new energy that will take them beyond the consumer infection that the corporate world has been pushing for the last fifteen years.

As we pare down and let go, many of the energy blockages that have kept us from being happy – we were so busy consuming that we did not realize what happiness was – will dissolve.  Life will be simpler.