Reflections on January

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Fall Conference – scheduled for October 4, 5, and 6, 2019 at the Prestige Inn in lovely Salmon Arm, BC.

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Reflections on January


As the snow and ice sets in, and the days are slowly getting longer, it is fun to take a look at all of the surprises that can happen in January.

  1. Wild animals such as deer, chickadees, and coyotes spend more time in urban areas looking for handouts.

  2. The snow makes fascinating patterns on the trees and on lawns.

  3. A sense of peacefulness seems to build in different places.

  4. There is a sense that spring will be breaking through soon.
  5. Stores are beginning to fill with spring and cruise wear, as well as Valentine displays.
  6. Recipes for being fit and healthy are part of every news publications.

  7. For some people, the urge to move and do things hits them, while for others, they feel the urge to slow down.

  8. Often, we hear from friends and family that we have not heard from for a long time, talking about their winter vacation plans.
  9. New movies come out.

  10. People seem to become more mellow.

  11. The Moon seems brighter.

  12. Stars seem bigger.

These surprises in our life help us to be more relaxed and cheerful.  It helps us to be more reflective about our life.

Go in peace.

AUTHOR – Judith Hirst has been writing spiritual and technical blogs for the last thirteen years. She is a non-traditional shaman who has studied with shaman teachers from different lineages. As well, she has studied and uses Dowsing, Body Talk, EFT, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Hypnotherapy, Angel Karma Techniques, Angel Therapy, and has taught Star Talker Training classes. She is a seer and medium.  Judith joined Questers in 2007, and now serves on the Board as secretary and blog master.