Susan Collins

Susan Collins      

Dowser of the
Year 2006


Susan Collins has presented to The Canadian Society of Questers four times over the past fifteen years. Most recently she was at the Questers Spring Conference in Red Deer Alberta in May 2019. Her presentation covered everything she has done and was so intense it was like getting decades of knowledge in two hours. We were dazzled. She even ventured into Dowsing Aliens as she had just attended an extra-terrestrial conference in the USA. It was as if Kwan Yin the goddess of wisdom was teaching. The energy level was “through the roof”.

For Susan dowsing restored her health. She had to dowse. If she did not dowse she was in arthritic pain. Dowsing relieved the pain.

Dowsing opened her psychic senses and she sees what is happening in the next dimension. She has experienced her teachers who have passed on like Walt Woods and Harold McCoy sitting in the front row of her classes giving affirmative nods. She uses their methodologies and guide lines to cover all the possible bases of inquiry and adds her own items to their lists as she discovers them. She asks clear questions and gets unambiguous answers. Her language is exact, scalpel sharp.

In the physical body we do not have understanding of the subtle influences that define our lives. The more we ask for the answers the greater our understanding. Susan has ventured into the unknown and come back with answers.





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2 Responses to “Susan Collins”

  1. Susan Collins Avatar

    Thank you for such a generous review of my work! I have always enjoyed spending time with the Questers and sharing experiences. There is so much to explore.

  2. Sheila Avatar

    According to the Meier material arthritis is caused by contact with animals and not washing after touching them.