We Want Love and Respect


I was listening to two seventy plus ladies chatting at the shopping mall.  I was walking behind them, so their conversation drifted back to me.  They were talking about their grandchildren, and about growing old.  They talked too about how their lives had changed in the last five years.  They comments were truthful, funny, and sad, all at the same time. 

They talked about how much times had changed, and how they noticed that in the last five years, people seemed to have changed.  They talked about their children and grandchildren being so distant in thoughts and actions, even though they lived in the city – children and grandchildren that didn’t have time for them anymore.  They talked about the task of “keeping going” when all around them there did not seem to be any love and respect for them or for others. 

The ladies travelled down memory lane and talked about what they used to do to show love and respect to others, and even what their families used to do.  They spoke of different family members showing up with some flowers or treats, or getting together to go shopping or to a movie or concert.  Those things did not happen any longer. They threw in a few funny stories, and I laughed with them.

And, they talked about how glad they were that they had been friends for thirty years. They had gratitude for all of their friendships and the new activities they were participating in because the family was no longer there.  They wondered if all people were feeling like love and respect was a thing of the past.

And then, we reached my destination.  They continued on, and they left me with a view to the future.  And, they left me with a gift of gratitude for my friends.

Go in peace.



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