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UFOs, Project Blue Book, and 2019 Sightings

UFOs, Project Blue Book, and 2019 Sightings

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UFOs, Project Blue Book, and 2019 Sightings

Many Questers have a keen interest in UFOs, because, after all, so much of it is not explained, and there are so many stories about individuals who have had a “UFO experience”.  Now, there is a new TV show on the History Channel called, “Project Blue Book”, that started January 8 2019.  Here is the write up on the show.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek is a brilliant but under appreciated college professor who is recruited by the U.S. Air Force to spearhead an operation called Project Blue Book. He is joined by his partner, Air Force Capt. Michael Quinn as they investigate UFO sightings around the country. They use science to determine what really happened to cause the sighting, and some cases cannot be explained. In those instances, Hynek believes he’s being duped by the government into a larger conspiracy that covers up the truth. It is set in the Cold War and atomic era, and each case blends UFO theories with authentic historical events.  – From

Check out run by RUTKOWS.  He talks about all the current UFO news in the prairie provinces.  His January 15 blog post talks about UFO sightings at La Ronge, SK, and on Lake Winnipeg, just off the town of Jackhead, MB. 

See “UFO Insight – the ever-growing website for UFO encounters, conspiracies, and accounts of strange phenomena. All the articles you will find here are based on factual accounts, real-life claims, and conspiracy theories from across the ages – many of which are increasingly proving to be true.”

Walk in peace.

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