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Christopher Tims Video Link Final Presenter 2020 Clear Vision Conference

Fellow Questers, 2020 Clear Vision has a been a great success! Thank you all who participated. Do hope you enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, all the speakers. Our final presentation with mystic Christopher Tims was yesterday. You can view the presentation anytime using this link: . Christopher discusses the current shift from the masculine and rather […]

Jeane Manning Youtube Recording

Fellow Questers, Here is the replay link for international lecturer/author Jeane Manning’s presentation last Tuesday  talking about the Big Picture. The Big Picture emerging from Manning’s research is the necessity of men and women evolving spiritually concurrent with the release of high powered new energy technology, without which we may be furthering social demise by unintelligent, short sighted or […]

Jeane Manning Conference Zoom Speaker October 27 7:00 PM

2020 Clear Vision Fall Conference Tuesday October 27th   7pm pst Jeane Manning – New Energy   Jeane Manning Jeane Manning is a BC-based author who chose an unusual quest—find out what ‘free energy’ breakthroughs mean for our future. Thirty-some years ago she approached the new energy inventions with skepticism. Their implications for cleaning up […]

Vlasty Senovsky Questers Conference Video

Fellow Questers, Here is the replay link for Vlasty Senovsky . Vlasty is a European trained master dowser who works with the land. Join us as Vlasty describes the magnetic quality of our blood and how that relates to health and ageing. Consider again the non corporeal existence of elemental Beings. As Vlasty explains, it […]

Stephanie Banks Fall Conference Video

Fellow Questers, Here is the replay link for Stephanie Banks’ presentation last Tuesday:  For those of us interested in energetically contributing towards the positive evolution of society, I highly recommend listening to the wisdom of the Solomon collective and Stephanie Banks. She urged us to let go of “supposed to’s” and to follow ongoing intuitive prompts […]