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Hearing Radar

      I took a ferry ride from Bella Coola on the British Columbia central coast to Port Hardy on the north end of Vancouver Island. It was my first real vacation since 2019. The ocean going ferry Northern Seawolf secures the cars and trucks for rough seas and on this passage of ten hours, half […]

Susan Collins Dowsing Books on Kindle

25 – 33% off Books and Boot Camp in May Things are evolving! June 11 Bridge Matter and Spirit with Dowsing Register with the ASD National Convention 25 – 33% off all print books(Kindle and Amazon excluded) 25% off Dowsing Boot Camp Rental Workshop in May! See below for the free replay of the International […]

International Dowsing Day

Subject: International Dowsing Day To: Heather Wilks <> Jacqui will be representing The Canadian Society of Questers on this Zoom meeting. Greetings, Your hosts: Grahame Gardner and Susan Collins International Dowsing Day 2022 is scheduled for Sunday 8 May at 8 pm UK time. That is 5 am Monday in Melbourne, all of AEST, […]

Susan Collins Dowsing Books on Kindle

Workshop rental discount codes expiring Happy Spring! I have FINALLY started putting my books on Kindle The first tiltle is Dowsing That Works Use a Protocol to Get Results I share my Dowsing Protocol, reveal how to use dowsing tools and charts to increase your accuracy, improve your health and create successful ongoing outcomes. A special chapter on Dowsing and the Bible lists […]

Christmas Greeting Susan Collins

Pressure makes diamonds Happy Holidays! We are edging closer to the end of this year and the return of longer days (in the Northern Hemisphere) starting with the Solstice on Dec 21. It hasn’t been easy to have been restricted for so long, but as my grandmother used to say “Pressure makes diamonds”. By now […]

Possible Implications of Disclosure

Possible Implications of Disclosure Mary Lou johnson   It would appear that public disclosure of Unidentified Aerial and Submersible Phenomenon is already underway—slowly and gently on mainstream media, and incrementally more in depth on Youtube and Gaia TV for those who are curious and ready for the news.  They are now no longer identified as […]